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Grist is a non-profit, independent media organisation that focuses on telling stories of climate solutions and a just future. Grist’s goal is to report on the connection between social justice and climate justice; telling stories of the people working for a brighter future and inspiring their readers. Topics range from politics, culture, equity, energy and more!

Flock Together

Flock Together is a birdwatching collective for people of colour in the UK. They aim to reclaim green spaces and help people of colour rebuild a relationship with natural spaces they've too often felt marginalised from. The pillars of their organisation are building community, challenging perceptions, showing the benefits of nature, championing ecological protection, offering mental health support, and providing creative mentorship for the next generation.

DJ’s for Climate Action

Dj’s for Climate Action aim to harness the cultural influence of Dance Music and DJ culture to generate climate actions and solutions, by giving musical artists opportunities to use their skill and engage in climate dialogue. With events, original music, campaigns and more, there is something for all music lovers to get involved!

Climate in Colour

Climate in Colour is an online educational platform (and an amazing Instagram account 😍 ) founded by Joycelyn Longdon, a PhD student exploring the intersection of social justice and climate change. Joycelyn provides in-depth courses on topics like The Colonial History of Climate or Just Food: Security vs. Sovereignty, while also offering practical tips in an approachable format. What's not to love!

The Institute of Queer Ecology

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) is founded on the principles of queer, feminist and decolonial theory to create alternative solutions to environmental degradation and the climate crisis while uplifting marginalised voices. IQECO works to deconstruct human-centric ecological hierarchies to explore the intricate relationships that exist in nature through producing artwork, programming and exhibitions.

Pattie Gonia

Known for dancing in heels on hiking trails, the drag queen Pattie Gonia is bringing queer issues to the forefront of the climate movement. Through their platform, Pattie Gonia is combining their love for the outdoors with all things drag! To encourage change and make the environmental movement more intersectional, Pattie Gonia created a public job board to get queer-identifying people hired in the outdoors and environmental sectors.


For a scholarly critical engagement with the different aspects of climate change, then head to Atmos’s online magazine publication. Each magazine is put together by an variety of creatives, ranging from adventurers to journalists to photographers and creatives. Each piece is a thoughtful exploration of our climate and culture. And each piece is only elevated by the incredibly talent of the artists that contribute.

It's Freezing in LA

Through bridging the gap between tedious scientific language and combative political arguments, this bi-annual print magazine offers an inviting space to explore how climate change affects society. The creative team at IFLA encourage collaborations of all kind and invite new illustrators, writers, and creatives to work on each issue — widening the perspectives they bring onboard and creating some of the best climate content you'll come across.


Climarte is an Australian initiative to bring together the arts and climate science to inform, educate and inspire action. They focus on three main pillars of action: producing art events, facilitate discussions in an open forum and creating an alliance of artists who take effective and creative climate action.