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an all-in-one hub for climate content
with powerful films tangible actions 
real interactivity and the most exciting
directory of climate projects out there

step up your climate action with powerful films hh tangible actions hh real interactivity hh  and the most extensive directory of climate projects hh out there

learn how to take
climate action.

Search hundreds of creative, grassroots climate projects and organisations by using our Directory. Each directory entry explains exactly how you can get involved with an organisation that you'll love.

Search for hundreds of climate actions that you can take right now, wether it's something small or something for the long term. Save actions to your personal user dashboard.

Watch films about climate change and read articles that break down the climate movement into bite-sized chunks — explore the climate movement and discover the parts that speak to the most.

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action directory

climate action that suits your interests. whether it's an art project hh social event hh app hh or protest hh there's something for everyone.

climate action that suits your interests. whether its an art project hh social event hh app hh protest hh or so much more, we've got you covered.

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Climate action isn’t just about switching light bulbs, donating to a huge charity, or shopping at different stores. There is so much more you can engage with!

Search our growing directory of the climate projects that are pushing boundaries and building a creative, diverse and inclusive movement.

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interactive stories

curated films hh to open your eyes + interactive stories hh to connect the dots + exciting climate action to get hands on hh

curated films hh to open your eyes. interactive stories hh to connect the dots. exciting climate action to get hands on. hh

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urban forestry

Environmental issues often stem from our small everyday actions — the way we consume, move around, power our daily life, eat, and so on. Every environmental issue has systemic causes, fanning out like a web linking the personal to the global and the micro with the macro.

But this connection between the personal and global can be hugely empowering — anyone, anywhere can push for collective and systemic change. Join the transition by discovering four stories of everyday changemaking from around the world.

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