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what role will you play?  ⦁  what role will you play?  ⦁  what role will you play?  ⦁  what role will you play? ⦁
what role will you play?  ⦁  what role will you play?  ⦁  what role will you play?  ⦁  what role will you play?

Climate change isn't just about emissions—it's about culture. It's about the way we think, act, and relate to one another and the planet.

Discover your changemaking potential through curated content and events that uncover the path to the culture of tomorrow.

shaping the culture of tomorrow

Action Hub

Climate action that suits your interests. 

Whether it’s an app, art project, social event or
grassroots project, there’s something for everyone.

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Creative Studio

We curate and produce events, talks,
film screenings, digital experiences, and exhibitions
to empower people to take climate action.

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Shaping the culture of tomorrow

Watch our first
original film production

a project supported by
urban forestry

The human impact of climate change is all too real. But vulnerability doesn’t mean helplessness. This series of four films brings us inspiring stories of resilience, positive solutions, and grassroots changemaking from Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan and India — all accompanied by action packs so you can help make a difference!

Film Festival

The CCFF (Climate Crisis Film Festival) is one of the leading environmental film festival in the world, with an audience in 143 countries and 2000+ cities.

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