Light CO2

A youth-led climate company for the future


Change Climate Change

The Challenge

A youth-led carbon offsetting company came to us needing a full-brand refresh, from visuals and communication to website structure and user journey. The design challenge was to create an identity and site that would allow this young company to scale and grow, withstanding the pressures of a fast-moving business with an elastic strategy.

The Strategy

We positioned Light CO2 as part of the youth-led, design-conscious, intersectional climate movement — the forward-thinking group of climate activists who are steering the climate conversation. Instead of falling into the obvious visual tropes of 'green' and 'sustainable', we sought to craft an identity that had a personality on its own, thus helping Light CO2 stand out from the crowd.

The Result

The Light CO2 refresh presents a fun face to the often dry world of carbon offsetting. The brand highlights the youthfulness of its founders whilst still conveying a sense of stability and authority.